DATE: Thursday, July 20th; 2pm, EDT

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Meet Beadsoul

We've met Lisa from Beadsoul before. She is sponsoring today's Sneak Attack that starts at 7pm tonite!

Like so many of us, it's sometimes a struggle to keep up. Lisa, is no exception. From taking care of a home, and family, working out of the home as a medical transcriptionist, and running an Etsy shop, at times, she felt that something had to give.

I have to say that the sneak attack group saved me from closing shop last summer. Due to my many irons in the fire, I felt I should just slowly fade away. I was just trolling the forums and found the SA thread. It was the first time I saw so many people working together to help others here. I felt a renewed enthusiasm to keep plugging away on Etsy. I love the idea of such a fun, wonderful surprise for a new or undiscovered shop!

And we are so glad that she did! Lisa's work is stunning, and uniquely yours! Check out this Sterling Pendant that can be personalized!

Be sure to find your perfect pendant at Lisa's shop and then come chat with us at our Sneak Attack thread!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our Handmade Movement Shop & LaRue Fashions

Today's Sneak Attack is sponsored by LaRue from LaRue Fashions and the Handmade Movement Shop!

LaRue is our coordinator for the Sneak Attacks, approves the 'victims', and maintains the Sponsors list for upcoming Sneak Attacks! Lots of work and she does a super job!

According to LaRue: When I was MUCH younger, my grandmother taught me how to crochet. I put it away for years. It is something that I can work on in the living room with my daughter

And boy does LaRue do a terrific job with her crochet too! Like this scarf...

Our Handmade Movement Shop is a collaborative effort! The items that are donated come from other Etsy shop owners who support our efforts in paying it forward by 'attacking' new Etsy shops. The proceeds from sales will go toward promoting and organizing Sneak Attacks and maintaining this blog!

There are a number of delightful items to choose from, including this Suncatcher...

Purchase something from our shop and help support the Sneak Attacks!!

Our attack will be happening at 6pm today - Etsy Time - there will be 4 'victims' so you are bound to find something you will love! Hope to see you there. In the meantime, come chat with us in the Sneak Attack Thread.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Meet Handmade

Our sponsor for the Sneak Attack today is Sandi from Handmade By Sandi. She loves science fiction, and yesterday was Ray Bradbury's birthday - he's one of her fav authors. So of course, the theme is Science Fiction - you will see all kinds of funky avatars today!

We've met Sandi before, as she loves to sponsor sneak attacks! Did you know that she loves to write? Sandi usually writes a blog post the day after a sneak attack - to introduce the 'victims' to all of her readers. Not only is this a great way to spotlight the new Etsy shops, but it also introduces them to a lot more people - many who may not know what the sneak attack is all about, or didn't get the chance to be there as the new Etsy shops were presented.

You can read her blog at The T-Shirt Lady

And join us at our Sneak Attack thread - lots of fun all day long, and then we will introduce our 'victims' at 7pm Etsy time today!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meet BooBoo and Happy

We met Kirby, AKA Happy from Happy Hound Creative the other day. Happy, a long time sneaker, has volunteered to be a co-sponsor to one of our newest Sneakers, Michelle from Boo Boo Zoo!

Not only is Michelle a new Sneaker, she also just recently opened her Etsy shop and has created the most adorable fun pain relief bags for the entire family.

An interesting note, Michelle and her hubby have a miniature Schnauzer named Harmony... she is our kid. We got her 2 days before our wedding and named her Harmony because we met on eharmony.com

You will find, that in Michelle's shop - her boo boo bags all have names that rhyme, like this Olive the Owl!

You will find that becoming a sneaker is addictive - according to Kirby (Happy) I think the Etsy community is amazing and I love supporting artists directly. When I heard about Sneak Attacks I thought it was brilliant and I HAD to get involved. I was addicted from the get go and was attacked myself. It's an amazing feeling!!

I recently bought a set of these adorable cards from Kirby - it's always a nice idea to put a little thank you note into a package going to a customer. And while you are doing it - why not use something colorful?

Michelle has really gotten into the swing of things - by declaring that today's theme is Elvis - this is Elvis week, so put on your best blue suede shoes and come chat with us in our Sneak Attack thread!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Meet Shell

Judy, better known as Shell from Just For The Shell Of It is the sponsor today of our Sneak Attack which starts at 4pm Etsy time!

Judy recently sponsored an attack and I was not able to show you some of her fabulous shell embellished treasure boxes. So here is one I'm sure you will love!

Not only does Judy make beautiful items but this particular one is a Sneak Attack support item - All money from the sale of this item will go toward supporting sneak attacks!

You too can be a Sneak Attack supporter! Come chat with us in our Sneak Attack thread, tweet about our upcoming attack, post on facebook or in a blog and most of all, have fun! See you there...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Erika Bond Owner of ErikaBond on Etsy Donates to the Handmade Giveaway

Meet Erika, the proud owner of ErikaBond on Etsy. Erika is a self-taught artist who loves to paint and create beautiful wire wrapped jewelry. In August of 2009 Erika opened her shop on Etsy and began sharing her talent for creating paintings that lean toward nature themes and jewelry with a fantasy feel. As I was browsing in Erika's shop I found this brilliantly

EB Queen of Hearts

colored, eye catching ACEO. Erika describes her painting style as 'a twist of surreal and a feel of folk art.' I would say that pretty well sums it up!

Erika shares with us a little about her jewelry designs. 'There is a lot of whimsy and free form in my designs. Right now I enjoy working with sterling silver and copper wire. All the stones are genuine gemstones unless otherwise stated. Art of various forms has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.'

EB Red JadeLike her mother, Erika's daughter is also an artist. She has been accepted into the Arts and Humanities Focus school program for high school students. Clearly there is an abundance of talent here!

Take some time to visit Erika's shop and see all of her wonderful creations. There you will also find a link to her daughter's Etsy shop. You won't want to miss out on either one of these shops!

I know you won't want to miss your chance to own a piece of ErikaBond jewelry, so don't forget to sign up for the Handmade Giveaway before you go shopping! The Giveaway winner will be announce August 26th in the Etsy forum thread at 6pm. Be one of the first to know who won by hanging out and having fun with the 'Sneakers' while they get psyched up for another Sneak Attack! If you are not present and you are the winner you will receive an email letting you know.  Good luck and have fun shopping!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Meet Stock

Today's Sneak Attack is being sponsored by Annette from Stock Annette at 6pm Etsy time!

We've met Annette before, as she loves to sponsor our Sneak Attacks!

Like many of our sneaker friends, Annette just happened to come across a thread in the Etsy forum that talked about an upcoming Sneak Attack... Turns out everyone on the thread was very nice, and possibly a little wacky, which I enjoy. I was totally intrigued and thought to myself, "Sneaky? Check. Chatty? Check. Trying to be nice to people? Check. I'm in!"

Stock works at a non-fiction book publisher... I'm a cubicle worker bee. (I love all her references to Bees!)

Working with books, Stock has taken that passion and started creating journals that incorporate vintage vegetable seed packages. What a wonderful idea!

See the other journals that Stock creates!

And that's who we are... Sneaky, Chatty, Trying to be nice... with the aim of getting the chosen shops a whole slew of surprise item views, hearts, and business in a very short time, thus giving them a little loving encouragement - and a big morale boost! You too, can be a sneaker - just come chat with us in our Sneak Attack Thread and be part of the fun.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Meet Happy

Our sponsor for today's Sneak Attack is Kirby from Happy Hound Creative. Better known as Happy to all us Sneakers, Kirby will be getting the dancing started at 5pm tonite - Etsy time. Oh, wait, did I say dancing - I meant attacking. But dancing too - as Kirby has picked Polka as the theme for todays attack, in honor of today being National Polka Festival Day!

And how did Kirby come up with the name of her Etsy shop?

Working outside the home, and having just adopted a puppy - Snoopy, Kirby felt guilty about leaving Snoopy at home alone all day, while she went to work. Wouldn't Snoopy be a 'Happy Hound' if Kirby was able to stay at home all day and be with the new puppy? Thus Happy Hound Creative was born... adding the Creative to the name of her shop since Happy Hound was already taken!

And creative is what Kirby is! She makes the most delightful cards and invitations...

These invitations are adorable and just right for any little one's birthday party!

Visit Kirby's shop for your invitations and then come on over and chat with us in our Sneak Attack thread!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Make Someone's Day

Normally, I would be introducing you to our sponsor for today - being a Sneak Attack Day.

Today we are having a Make Someone's Day Sneak Attack. What is that? Once a month, all of the *sneakers who want to, nominate 1 or 2 new Etsy shops for us to shop in, oooh and ahhh over, and try to help give a jump start in their business. *Sneakers - People who are Notorious on Etsy for Attacking with Kindness!

Lisa from LaRue Fashions coordinates the Make Someone's Day sneak attack with lots of help from all us other little sneaky people :D

So come chat with us today at the Sneak Attack thread!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Meet WMS

We have met Heather from Wine Makers Sister before, as she is a frequent sponsor of our Sneak Attacks! And if Heather's past sponsoring is any indication - there will be some fabulous 'victims' tonite at 4pm.

Having found out about the Sneak Attacks early on, when a co-member in an Etsy group was a 'victim', Heather fell in love with the idea the sneak attack. I could immediately imagine how a "victim" might feel when she/he first saw those emails coming in to let them know about their sales. I love the way a group of people could work together -- each doing a small thing -- and make such an impact on a new seller. Etsy can be a huge, impersonal place. Sneak Attacks suddenly make it warm and personal.

Heather loves everything about knitting and has taken coffee mugs and hand painted sayings using calligraphy. Any knitter would love these mugs as gifts!

Check out all the other knitter items that Heather has! Then join us at our Sneak Attack thread!