DATE: Thursday, July 20th; 2pm, EDT

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Ginger Oliphant Owner of Going Places 2 Donates to the Giveaway

I would like to introduce you to Ginger Oliphant. Ginger is the proud owner of Going Places 2 on Etsy where she creates and sells art prints from her Inspirational Dog Print Series, as well as felted wool items made from recycled sweaters, plus a few other surprises.

CollieGinger tells us a little about herself in her Etsy profile, 'I have always loved creating, crafting, designing and learning new things. I love paper & bright colors! I am a collector of inspirational quotes and like to use them in my artwork. I remember the days when I would search for "good" construction paper. Not any of that nasty, coarse stuff, but the smooth, bright and vivid kind. Perfect for all of that paper cutting I did.' Well, Ginger has created some bright, cheery and colorful prints and filled her Etsy shop with them for our enjoyment! Take a look at this Collie print, one of my favorites.

Ginger's love for dogs shines through in her creations just as her love for all things artistic is evident in her career choice. Employed as a graphic designer and a web designer she continuously nurtures her artistic side and it shows! I found this cute Apple Blossom Brooch as I browsed through Going Places 2.

BroochI encourage you to take a few moments and stop by Ginger's Etsy shop and pick out your favorite prints and see what all she has to offer. I am certain you will find several items that appeal to you. You will want to sign up for the Handmade Giveaway before you leave. With a little luck you could be our next winner and be able to enjoy Ginger's Inspirational Dog Series in your own home! If you are the lucky winner you will receive an email on August 13th. Be one of the first to know by being in the Sneak Attack Forum thread that night.

Until then, don't forget that you can join a fantastic group of fun loving Sneakers and help surprise an unsuspecting new Etsy shop owner any Monday and Thursday evening. No official invitation needed and no team to join. Stop into the Etsy forum thread and say 'hi' or just lurk about and see how crazy it can get!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meet Engel

All of our Sneaker friends love to sponsor a sneak attack - it's so much fun. It also gives us a warm feeling knowing that we are helping other Etsy shops get a good start!

Our sponsor today is Linda, better known as Engel from Engelfelt. Linda has been a sponsor lots of times!

Until this summer, Linda was a full-time high school language teacher, and had been for 3 decades. She also ran an exchange program at her high school and took students to Europe every other summer.

Now retired, Linda is helping to interview for her replacement! According to Linda prior to retiring: Raising a family and working full-time is definitely not easy, but you just do it, and have very little time for yourself

Now Linda will have all the time she needs or wants to work on her crafts! Like this adorable child's hat that she has crocheted!

Well, Linda, I have to tell you, when I retired, I thought the same thing - plenty of time to get everything done - yeah! NOT.

How can you work full time, and get all the things done you need to, yet when you retire - there's never enough time? If someone can figure that out for us - please let us know!

Be sure to check out Linda's shop for more delightful crafts! Then come chat with us in the Sneak Attack Thread! We are a fun bunch!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Meet Handmade

Sandi from Handmade By Sandi has been a sponsor before and today she is sponsoring the Sneak Attack which starts at 7pm Etsy time.

Here's something you might not know about Sandi: Not only does she have 2 Etsy shops, but she also has an online business that she started several years ago - called Sandi's T's. Sandi has been a 'crafty' person all her life and learned a technique called 'Snip-Snip' from a craft shop owner in California.

Sandi was on a business trip to California and just wandering around the area looking for craft shops - to see if she could find some little gift type items to bring back from her trip. She visited a shop on Coronado that had all kinds of cute and unique items and found a tee shirt that the owner had made using this technique - it was a heart with fabric made to look like a USA flag. Sandi bought the shirt to wear on the trip back home, and also purchased a couple of patterns to try. Needless to say, that was the beginning of Sandi's new business!

This is the first shirt Sandi made:

Be sure to check out Sandi’s tee shirts. Then come chat with us in the Sneak Attack Thread! We are a fun bunch!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Meet Shell

Judy, better known as Shell, is sponsoring our Sneak Attack today at 4pm Etsy time.

The name of her shop is Just For The Shell Of It and when you visit her shop, you will see shells everywhere.

When asked why that name, Judy said Have always loved the ocean, the beach, and shells! Been collecting shells for 40 years. Decided to try making some craft items with them and incorporate some into wedding accessories.

Looking at her treasure boxes in her shop, you will notice she has used shells all over the boxes - on the top, sides or as feet! They make wonderful gifts!

Be sure to visit Judy's shop and then come on over and chat with us today in our Sneak Attack thread!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Meet Yarn

Teresa, better known as Yarn, is sponsoring our Sneak Attack today at 7pm Etsy time.

Why the name Yarn? Well one of her Etsy shops is Yarn 2 Spin Having learned how to spin yarn at an early age, Teresa loves to help others become addicted to it as much as she is!

Not only does Teresa have wool in her shop that you can use for spinning into yarn, but she also has spinning wheels available! il_430xN.119048743

Teresa has created videos designed to teach you how to spin. And... Advice, opinions and fiber samples are always free. So ask away.

Be sure to visit Teresa's shop to start your own addiction in spinning, and then come on over and chat with us today in our Sneak Attack thread!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chris Knaggs Owner of The Wooded Lake Donates to the Giveaway

Chris Knaggs is the owner of The Wooded Lake on Etsy. She fell victim to a Sneak Attack the beginning of June and has joined in on the fun with the 'Sneakers', sponsoring a Sneak Attack and now donating to the Handmade Giveaway. Her shop is filled with creations that she describes as quirky, whimsical and slightly off-center. It's okay though because she designed them that way. Chris tells us a little about how her designs are created;  'All of my items are made with love and care from fabric that I have collected from quilt shops, antique stores and every place in between'.

I went snooping in Chris' shop and found that her talents extend far beyond the making of  the wonderfully woodsy Owl Trio that Chris donated to the Handmade Giveaway. Check out this Friendly Ghost just in time for Halloween.

Friendly GhostChris is not new to the artistic world of designing and creating  handmade items. She notes in her Etsy Bio, 'I have been selling my handmade creations for a long time. I have been drawing all of my life and sewing and quilting for 17 years. I love to create and see my ideas and sketches come to life! '

Whatever the season you will find something unique to warm your home or give as a gift when you visit The Wooded Lake. I found these cute little Christmas Mice that are the perfect size to decorate a wreath or toss in a bowl and just look cute!

Christmas MiceNow that you know a bit more about Chris and can see some of the amazing things she has made, I know you are anxious to visit her shop. But wait! Before you go, don't forget that you have the opportunity to WIN the Trio of Primitive Rustic Owl Sitters just by registering to win the Handmade Giveaway. They will arrive in your home absolutely FREE. You won't even have to pay shipping. So get signed up and watch your email on July 29th or better yet,  join us in the Etsy forum thread before the Sneak Attack when the winner is announced. You could be the next winner of the Handmade Giveaway!

Meet Ros

Today's Sneak Attack is being sponsored by Ros of Painted Memories By Ros at 5pm Etsy Time!

A 'victim' of a Sneak Attack in November of 2008, Ros has actively taken part in paying it forward as a sponsor and participant. You can always find her encouraging owners of new Etsy shops as well as veteran ones! I would have said old ones - but some people aren't that old :D

With a background in art and design - you can see how Ros has taken her love of art to create gift cards featuring many of her watercolors, charcoal and pen and ink drawings. I browsed through her shop getting ready to write this feature and fell in love with this "I'm a little teapot" card!

Be sure to visit Ros's shop and pick out your favorite! And then come on over and chat with us today in our Sneak Attack thread!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Meet CC & KT

We have 2 sponsors for our Sneak Attack that takes place at 7pm Etsy time today.

You have met KT before. Our other sponsor is CCAngel, another brand new ‘Sneaker’ and sponsor.

Here's the scoop about our latest new ‘Sneaker’. Bridget, from CCAngel331. Her shop is better known as the Smart sAss Baby :D

What made Bridget want to be a 'Sneaker'? Being Attacked! Bridget was featured as an attacked shop last month during the Sneaker Mall and was so honored to be included in something of this kind, she wanted to "pay it forward"

And why did Bridget create Smart sAss Baby? Being the mother of a daughter who is a DIVA and a very young son, she found that boy's clothes are just not as much fun as girls. Bridget wanted a way to make her son's wardrobe a little more reflective of his personality! Like this one that is too cute! I'm sure you will fall in love with all the other attitude shirts that Bridget creates!

Our other sponsor is Katie of Kt Originals.

Katie belongs to a group called Artisans Alliance of Tremont. This is a group of artists and crafts people who get together monthly for the Tremont Art Walk

Says Katie about the Artisans Alliance, If it wasn't for this group of people, I wouldn't be where I am today with my sewing business. We all push each other to craft more. We bounce ideas off of each other and give each other encouragement when sales are lacking or when you need that extra kick in the pants to get into that crafting room and get that project you've been putting off done. If it wasn't for this group of people, I never would have even thought about opening up an etsy shop and I might not have even kept up with sewing (that's unthinkable to me now!)!.

With aprons making a comeback - Katie has created this chocolate one - do you feel like cooking??

Please be sure and stop by Bridget's and Katie's shops to say hi! Then come chat with us in our Sneak Attack Thread!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Meet Wooded & KT

We have 2 sponsors for our Sneak Attack that takes place at 4pm Etsy time today.

One of our sponsors you have met before - KT, and Wooded, a brand new 'Sneaker' and sponsor.

Let me tell you about our new 'Sneaker'. Chris, from The Wooded Lake was one of our 'victims' the beginning of June! Since then, Chris has taken part in surprising new 'victims' and having lots of fun. Now she has decided to be a sponsor and I know she will be a great one!

And I love that Chris's whole family takes part in her endeavors. With 2 sons, and the ability to work out of her home, Chris says: The boys will just come up with ideas for me. They'll say, "Mom, you know what would be cool? What if you could make....?" It almost always leads to something new. It might not be what they were picturing, but I know they like contributing ideas.

I went to Chris's Etsy shop to pick one of her fabulous items - and found that her birthday is the 22nd of this month. Many of her items are listed as 22% off! Like these...

Our second sponsor for today is Katie, from Kt Originals who has been a vegetarian for almost 6 years. According to Katie I feel like it would be wrong for me to make things out of animal hide but not be willing to eat animals or wear leather myself. So, you will notice when you visit Katie's shop, that all of her products are animal friendly. You won't find any leather, suede or any kind of animal hide there!

Katie is also having a sale this month - celebrating her 1 year Etsyversary! She's offering great deals on her totebags, like this one!

Be sure to visit our sponsors' shops and say hello! And then come over and chat with us in our Sneak Attack thread. You are sure to have some fun and make some wonderful friends!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Meet WMS

Today's sponsor of our Sneak Attack is Heather, from Wine Makers Sister. Heather is indeed the sister of her family's winemaker - thus the name of her shop.

I asked Heather what exactly is involved with running the winery, and she responded - I do pretty much everything else outside the wine cellar. I supervise staff, do the marketing and PR, run events, deal with all our wholesale sales... basically I'm the face of the winery.

And what does Heather do to relax? She knits and spins yarn! And makes and sells the most delightful items in her very successful Etsy shop! Geared towards the knitter, Heather makes note cards, handcarved stamps, stitch markers and so much more. This is one of her handcarved stamps that any knitter would love to use!


Be sure to check out all of Heather's unique items, and then come over and chat with us today at our Sneak Attack Thread. You will have lots of fun!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Make Someone's Day With Lemonade

delete_lemonadeIn the spirit of the Sneak Attacks, I'm starting a "once-in-a-while" blog feature about making someone's day, but in completely different ways from what we do here on this site.

Years ago I read a little book that was nothing more than a list of little things to do to make life richer for the reader and those all around him or her. Who knows how many of the suggestions subconsciously became a part of who I am, but one of them in particular has stuck with me all these years.

ALWAYS stop at lemonade stands. Always. Even if it means making a U-turn or a detour. I remember trying to do a lemonade stand a time or two as a kid and being disappointed with the sorrowful lack of customers. Now as an adult I'm pretty certain that the few people that did stop by did it out of the kindness of their hearts rather than to quench their thirst.

So now I've made it a habit to stop at any and every lemonade stand I see. First I ask them what they're offering, giving them a chance to talk up their Kool-Aid or homemade brownies. I purchase a thing or two, and usually give them a few extra dollars as a tip. The younger kids make no secret of their excitement- it's common for them to look at each other while I'm still there and share their excitement for the three dollars they just received. The other day I gave too much money as usual, but before I had noticed, they had filled five cups of lemonade all for me. It was a real trick trying to balance them all in the car!

I've had some pretty watered-down lemonade over the years, but somehow it still tastes SO good.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Meet LaRue & Handmade

Today, we have 2 sponsors for our Sneak Attack! And today's attack is Make Someone's Day! Many of us familiar with sneak attacks are asked to recommend 1 or 2 new shops that will be our 'victims'. Usually our sponsor or sponsors introduce 2-3 victims total. So for today, there is no telling how many shops will be introduced! And lots of delightful items to purchase, heart and drool over!

Who are our sponsors today? Why Lisa from LaRue Fashions and Sandi from Handmade By Sandi!

Let me tell you a little bit about Lisa...

Busy with an 18 year old son, ready to enter college, a 3 year old daughter, and a successful Etsy shop you would think that Lisa has no time for extra hobbies. Well, about 10 years ago she started doing genealogy and loves it!

Says Lisa, During a visit to the cemetery where my grandfather is buried, I noticed that so many of the markers in there were disintegrating rapidly. With my roots in genealogy, I realized that these relatives would soon be lost to future generations of relatives searching for them. I began transcribing and photographing all of the cemeteries on our county, and posting them to the internet, for relatives to find.

Lisa also started creating chainmaille jewelry a couple of years ago - this is a favorite of mine!

A little bit about Sandi... Sandi and her husband are both retired from the federal government and now run a 40 acre farm, where they grow produce to sell to the local public. They also have chickens and sell eggs. The pace is fairly easy for 6 months out of the year, but starting in May and going through September, they sell sweet corn, which is their major crop. Hubby works the farm and Sandi runs the produce stand. And since she love to talk - that's an easy job!

A little over a year ago, Sandi discovered felted bowls and now is obsessed with making them! So there are quite a few available in her Etsy shop - with more in the wings. Expanding that felting, she's now making coasters! These are my favorite - love the spiral look.

Be sure to check out Lisa's other chainmaille items and Sandi's felted items. Then come chat with us in the Sneak Attack Thread! Lots of fun - guaranteed!